A Call to Action!

                                                                                                                                         Man Cat

The clock is ticking, brothers and sisters, counting down to Armageddon. The worm reveals himself in many guises across this once great land; from the intellectual elite cruelly indoctrinating our children with the savage blasphemy of Sanrio, to the craven Hollywood pagans, corrupting them in the darkness of Hallmark, from the false prophets cowering behind our nation's pulpits to the vile parasites in our banks and boardrooms and the godless politicians, growing fat on the misery of their constituents. The signs of the end times are all around us, etched in blood and fire by the left hand of god. You have but to open your eyes, brothers and sisters. The truth is that the Devil is here. The Anti-Christ, the Child of Lies, the Son of Darkness walks among us cloaked in the flesh of a kitty. Hello Kitty. Does the Lord not weep at this degradation? Does He not tremble with righteous fury? And shall he not seek retribution? I open my eyes and I see a black sky that tears apart and screams with a voice that is thunder, 'Rise up, rise up brothers and sisters and take your place at my side. For you shall be my scythe and your face shall shine like a thousand suns and the streets shall be sanctified by the steaming black blood of the heretics.' And together brothers and sisters, together we shall build a shining temple, a kingdom that will last for thousands and thousands of years.

2011: Goals

This year, the Sacred Order has a number of goals to fulfill in its rise to influence.  Namely, we must complete the website, particularly the forums, gather more artistic resources, and spread the word.  The people cannot join our fight if they are ignorant of it, and we need them if we wish to sing our song of hope to the dirtied ears of the oppressed masses.  A lone man, a choir does not make.

Many of you are coming across this website for the first time.  I recommend you read the contents of this page first, then the about, join, and media sections, and then the manifesto if you like (though the contents therein may seem redundant after reviewing the other Sassy Cat material). 

To become a Sassy Cat, you may either join the forums with your kitty codename (detailed in the join section) or submit content to the Sassy Cat Commander with your codename.  Members can, if they wish, submit editorials (or rants) to the site, along with a picture of them in their uniform (details to come), and they may be posted on the main page.

Members may also form Sassy| Cat cells (or litters of kittens).

To create your own, local, cell of the organization, the general procedure is as follows:
- Spread the word by any (legal) means you like (social networking websites, email, fliers, word of mouth, etc.)
- Gather your supporters (a minimum of 3 individuals)
- Assign kitty codenames (detailed in the join section)
Form some manner of communicative infrastructure (Alpha Chapter began as a group on one of those aforementioned networking sites)
- Submit kitty codenames and location to the Sassy Cat Commander

Official cells will be given a forum space as well as a section of the website dedicated to their contributions to the organization (media they have created and photographs of their events).   Bio pages will be an option as well (the first one is still under construction, as the Commander is waiting to receive his cat ears in the mail (efforts to make his own from felt and wire were met with great failure and much despair)).

Sassy Cats!

All current members, please submit whatever content you can so we can fill this site with fun stuff!

All non-members, please read the Join section.

The forums are functional but are not yet aesthetically complete--suggestions and helpful advice are welcome.  Otherwise, you can use them freely. 

The Sacred Order of the Sassy Cat

Welcome, Sassy Cats!  The SOSC is an exclusive organization of individuals dedicated to the cause of bettering the world.  We do not put books in the hands of the ignorant, food in the hands of the hungry, or blankets in the hands of the shivering.  No, we seek to fill a greater void, a spiritual void. 

For decades now, cutesyness has been exploited by those who seek to use its powers for profit.  Hello Kitty is an artificial icon of a sterile corporate machine.  These business goliaths, like Disney and Hallmark, paste their vacuous idols on greeting cards, toys, clothes, and all manner of worthless trinkets.  But there is no sentiment, there is no truth in these images.  

Our society not only nourishes this evil--fueling the great lie by labeling these images as elements of our cultural milieu--but has, for years, hindered the development of grassroots cutesy movements.  How?  By tolerating a propagandist media culture that seeks to dissuade individuals from embracing all things cute; the misogynistic voice of conservative media tells us cute is "girly", "effeminate", "gay".  They tell us these images are "childish" as they bind our necks in ties and shackle our feet in black socks and business shoes. 

But  these negative connotations are only ever leveled against individuals, never the aforementioned corporate giants.  An intentional hypocrisy meant to keep our heads pressed to the ground, so they may crush our throats with the immaculate wheels of their limousines.

We will not be slaves to their profiteering.  We will not be complacent to their castration of our souls.  We will not be silent.

Sassy Cats fight the power!

Sassy Cats bring cutesyness back to the people!