The SOSC is a liberally centralized organization.  Communication among and within chapters is done through the forums, which are open to everyone. 

The Sassy Cat Commander is the creator of the organization and also the chairman of the alpha chapter.  The alpha chapter is currently headquartered in New York City, in downtown Manhattan.  Those seeking to form satellite chapters, please contact the Sassy Cat Commander with a list of your members (kitty codenames only) and location, and you will promptly be assigned a chapter designation.

To create your own, local, chapter, the general procedure is as follows:
- Spread the word by any (legal) means you like (social networking websites, email, fliers, word of mouth, etc.)
- Gather your supporters (a minimum of 3 individuals)
- Assign kitty codenames
Form some manner of communicative infrastructure (Alpha Chapter began as a group on one of those aforementioned networking sites)
- Submit kitty codenames and location to the Sassy Cat Commander

Kitty codenames take the form of <Adjective> <Cat>.  Examples of current members include Man Cat, Classy Cat, Nasty Cat, and Ghostface Kitty, among others.

All individuals interested in participating in the organization but cannot form whole chapters (ideally a minimum of three people), can still join the forums and participate by submitting content and suggestions.  Content can be in any form; e.g.: illustrations, photographs, videos, music or other recordings, editorial or creative writings, etc.  Ideally these things ought to relate to the Sassy Cat cause (even in abstract, seemingly tangential ways, as evident in the media section). 

Members can, if they wish, submit editorials (or rants) to the site, along with a picture of them in their uniform (details to come), and they may be posted on the main page.